During a disaster, California citizens with access and functional needs are at risk of receiving timely adequate shelter and medical needs. In addition, emergency responders do not have the necessary information to quickly identify these citizens with special needs. Today, the critical information needed during a disaster is not real time nor readily available which grossly delays required services needed for these citizens. Facility disaster and evacuation plans are stored on-site in paper format or locally store in the facilities computer system. Even if the facility has offsite system for disaster recovery, emergency responders do not have access to these systems. During the recent California fires, some facilities paper copies of the disaster and evacuation plan were destroyed as well leaving first responders without the critical information needed to evacuate and relocate citizens with access and functional needs.  



California State and Local government needs a secure technology tool that contains critical information for these citizens. The tool should include at a minimum, resident’s name, special needs (medical condition, equipment, medication), bed location within the facility and care provider information so emergency responders can better assist these citizens. A tool providing available facilities to meet the needs of citizens with access and functional needs must be available in real time.